Luke & Jamie

Meet the Boys

We met at the age of 5 at school, and became friends immediately due to our shared passion for sports and winding each other up! At school there was always competition in hairstyles, girls, who had the shinier football boots, and who could win the arm wrestles.

Although we went to different secondary schools and Universities, we have remained close friends and our antics and wrestling will probably only end when one of us meets our maker!

The other thing we share is a thirst for adventure and while doing a yachting course last summer, we decided that rowing the Atlantic was something we really could do if we put our heads together and dedicated our lives to trying to make it happen for the next 18 months.

I can honestly say there is no one I’d rather spend 50 days at sea with than Jamie – mutual support infused with good humour has guided us through arduous times so often in the past and will not let us down in this toughest of challenges.

Luke Birch February 2013