Our promo film is out!

Our promo film has just had its final cut, so before you laugh too much, get the inside scoop on the the production process!

We couldn’t afford the flights, so one bleak day about six weeks ago, Hollywood came to us, and we made a ‘movie’ (4 min promo video).

Shooting began at 9am in Bristol’s university gym. Once the initial nerves subsided, courtesy of all those iron pumping, steroid injecting gym monkeys giving us serious evils, Luke and I were able to slip into our respective roles. Who were we playing? A mixture between two intrepid adventurers taking on the Atlantic in an attempt to become the youngest pair ever to have crossed this vast ocean, and, ourselves, two slightly mad, happy go lucky university students who had been the best of friends for over a decade. Did we strike the right note? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Having spent an hour in the gym lifting what we could and trying to look macho in front of the camera, we were onto the next location, Bristol University’s boat house situated in Saltford. By now I had already tweaked my left hamstring in an attempt to dead lift far more than I actually could in order to impress the future viewers. Little did I know, it wasn’t even to make the final cut. So, rather embarrassingly and whilst nursing an injury, Luke and I were directed to the water by our fantastic director cameraman duo Jamie and Matt. Luke who had been claiming for some years now that he was an awesome oarsman quickly and quite rightly assumed the role of leader, barking instructions at me when and where he felt necessary. Whilst my experience on the water was limited to say the least, it was no surprise that Matt and Jamie listened to some pretty colourful language from the shore that afternoon, via some nifty microphones which we were hooked up to. On more than one occasion, Luke had to quickly interrupt me before I embarked on a verbal tirade. However, with help and direction from both Luke and the Rowing captain who had kindly offered his services for the afternoon, my skills improved to the extent that we were able to get a few good shots. Through what must have been a miracle, both Luke and I reached land again unscathed and more importantly without hypothermia. I can honestly say that that hour on the water will be the toughest challenge I face for many years to come.

Our third and final scene was to take place in the kitchen at my student house and for this shot we had to have a few mates involved. Luckily a few doors down the road housed some good friends whom were all too willing to play a part when I initially asked them a fortnight before, but for some reason now that the time had come, were a little unsure as to whether they had what it took. With some persuasive shouting and serious black mailing, they were suddenly all too happy to get involved and needless to say, were brilliant! Thank you Starzy, Alicia, George and Henry!

All in all it was a great day and we had such fun. A massive thank you to Jamie and Matt and all the rest of you that made it possible. We hope you like the final product!

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