WeSEE is a technology company that focuses on breaking boundaries and innovation within the realms of image classification for use in advertising and discovery search. This philosophy of innovation and breaking boundaries is carried through to how we feel social and user generated visual content can positively impact upon a community in terms of spreading word, whether in an online community or a community that later transcends into the real world. Our approach to corporate social responsibility is very important to us, and we believe it should align with these internal values.

In choosing a charitable endeavour to support, WeSEE knew we wanted to foster an endeavour with those same principles of youth and innovation, and found the perfect opportunity to do so by sponsoring 2BoysinaBoat.

Two fearless young men undertaking a record-breaking feat for charity, Luke and Jamie are using digital technology such as social media, online video, digital cameras and a GPS tracked route, to bring people together in support of 2BoysinaBoat; whose efforts will in turn raise funds to support the hundreds of thousands of people affected by breast cancer every year. WeSEE is proud to be on board as a sponsor! Come on guys!!