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So we made it to day four!

wesee-sponsorSpecial thank you to our First Sea Lords today for their wonderful sponsorship of our row.

Words can’t really describe the first 24 hours, we wanted to be out front for that great helicopter shot at the start, and our youthful exuberance, and gun ho attitude meant we went flat out. Jamie said at one point ‘its a sprint not a marathon!’However as the night came we were absolutely exhausted, I got off the oars cramping in every part of my body; back, arms thighs; places it would never usually get me. I can’t even remember what schedule we were doing. Our cabin quickly became a mess as we tried to adjust to our routines, I was trying hopelessly to find the right ointment to put on my bum which was agony already; I had ruined it by sitting in sweat for too long on the wrong kind of seat.

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